P320 Lower Parts Kit


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Sig Sauer P320 Lower Parts Kit


    Sig Sauer P320 Lower Parts Kit

    Building your own firearm is the best solution when your privacy is a priority. DIY firearms don’t require a background, government fees, or serialization to own in most US States. This approach is a simple and hassle-free way to get the firearm you prefer while protecting your privacy. This kit for Sig Sauer P320 builds has all the lower parts used to complete your Sig Sauer P320 Compatible MUP-1 including:

    • Trigger stop pin
    • Slide catch lever pin
    • Safety lever pin
    • Sear pivot pin
    • Split coil pin
    • Slide catch lever spring post
    • Take down safety lever
    • Safety lever
    • Slide catch
    • Sear
    • Oring
    • Take down lever
    • Slide catch assembly
    • Spring, slide catch lever
    • Spring, sear (2)
    • Trigger bar spring
    • Spring, takedown lever
    • Flat Faced Trigger
    • Trigger bar
    • Sear housing
    • Manual disconnector

    This is an upgraded kit with new drop-safe components. These Sig P320 Parts are compatible with any upgraded Sig p320 slide in 9mm, 40 S&W and 357 Sig.

    Parts You Can Rely On

    Here at JSD Supply, you’ll find all of the compatible parts for Sig P320 firearms that you need for a complete build.

    Since 2013 JSD Supply has been a reliable source for parts and tools to build your own pistol or rifle. We offer useful tools along with P320 parts and more that can help you assemble a weapon that looks, feels, and operates identically to stock weapons by their original manufacturer. Get a sleek weapon the way you want it and ensure that you’re protected.

    Place Your Order Today

    You’ll be able to build a custom reliable firearm with a few simple tools and our Sig P320 parts. Place your order for this kit, a P320 Compatible MUP-1, and upper parts kit to build your own functional firearm.

    Order here with JSD Supply and expect fast shipping with expert customer support.


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