Glock Lower Parts Kit


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80% Glock Compatible Lower Parts Kit – LPK


    80% Glock Compatible Lower Parts Kit – LPK

    If you need the parts to finish out a frame for a handgun that fits Glock parts, JSD Supply has the answer. We offer Glock-fitting 80% kits to complete your build and get a firearm without the hassle. Thanks to our diverse inventory, you’ll find a kit to match different frame sizes, including:

    • PF45 – Large Frame 45acp or 10mm
    • PF940v2 – Full-Size Frame 9mm or 40 S&W – G17 or G22
    • PF940c – Compact Size Frame 9mm or 40 S&W – G19 or G23
    • PF940sc – Sub Compact Size Frame 9mm or 40 S&W – G26 or G27
    • SS80 – Single Stack Frame 9mm SS80 or PF9ss – G43

    No matter the size you need our Glock parts kits will help you have a firearm that looks, feels, and operates exactly like a handgun directly from the brand name manufacturer.

    Complete Kits for a Complete Build

    A JSD Glock 80% lower parts kit that fits Glock firearms is part of the ultimate DIY handgun solution. We have the parts you need to build a firearm with a few simple tools and straightforward instructions.

    Included in this kit:

    • Trigger
    • Trigger Spring
    • Trigger Housing
    • Trigger Pin
    • Trigger Bar
    • Slide Lock
    • Slide Lock Spring (PF940v2, PF940C)
    • Locking Block Pin
    • Slide Stop
    • Magazine Catch Spring
    • Magazine Catch

    By assembling these components from our Glock parts kits as part of your frame, you’ll have a fully functional firearm without the hurdles of a background check or government fees. Your personally built weapon also won’t require a serial number (in most states), making it the perfect solution when privacy is a priority.

    Handguns Without the Hassle

    Lower parts kits that work with Glocks are just some of the great options we offer to help people learn more about their gun. No matter what you need to finish your Glock—or other sidearm—we can get it to you fast and without the hassle.

    Quality Parts

    Some components in this set are brand-name aftermarket Glock parts. The Glock name and associated model numbers are trademarks of Glock Ges.m.b.H.


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