Glock 19 Polymer 80


Polymer 80 PF940c

    Polymer 80 PF940c Completion Kit

    The polymer 80 compact pistol polymer 80 PF940c kit is designed to replace the frame of a compact size Glock 19 or Glock 23. This 80% frame is compatible with Glock Gen 3 G19 & G23 components.
    We guarantee you will find the parts you need in our diverse product inventory. Whether you need a polymer 80 PF940c frame kit or a single jig tool, JSD Supply can help. We’ll walk you through the process of building a handgun in your garage that looks, feels, and operates just like one from the manufacturer.

    We Make Your Build Easy


    Our polymer 80 PF940c kit is easy to complete and we’ve even included the jig and bits. A drill and files will be needed, however, your personal build can be made even easier with the use of a Dremel, C-clamps, and end snips.

    Each frame kit includes the following:


    • Polymer 80 PF940c Compact Frame
    • Jig
    • Custom locking block with side rail
    • Rear Slide Rail
    • Drill bits


    You can complement your PF940c completion kit with our PF940c Full Build Kit. This is the other parts kit needed to complete a polymer 80 PF940c frame. We provide all the tools and advice necessary to help make your build an enjoyable project.


    We Provide The Parts And Guide You Through The Process


    For handguns without the hassle, JSD Supply has been your go-to DIY parts supplier since 2013. Bypass the inconvenience of buying firearms through a retail supplier and have them delivered to your doorstep, as long as it’s legal where you live. Our dedicated team inspects every part before shipping it.

    Not only will you know you are getting the best components available on the market, but they are also backed by our excellent customer support. Shop by brand for other great products just like the PF940c completion kit.


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