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    FRANKLIN ARMORY® CA7® California Only

    Franklin Armory® presents the CA7®, the first AR pistol on the California DOJ Approved Safe Handgun Roster. The CA7® has a 10 round detachable magazine, 7.5″ barrel with an FST™ M-Lok compatible handguard. The CA7® gives Californians a clear and legal path to owning AR platform pistols even under the most restrictive conditions.Providing Californians with USA made, quality, legal, and reliable firearms and accessories is where Franklin Armory® first started. Never forgetting those roots Franklin Armory® continues to present new and innovative options to the California market.


    Buying a complete firearm or lower from Franklin Armory® is easy, safe, and legal. Federal law requires all firearms be shipped to a licensed dealer.


    Once you have placed your order, please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their license, include your name, and the order number you received.


    Orders cannot be processed until we receive an FFL for your order, the posted lead time will begin once your dealer’s FFL is received.


    The CA7® features:

     Barrel Length + Type  7.5” Medium Contour
     Handguard/Upper  7” FST™
     Sights  Optics Ready
     Twist  1:9”
     Charging Handle  Standard
     Bolt Carrier  Salt Bath Nitride
     Lower  Pistol
     Trigger  CA Trigger


     Action Type  Bolt Action Repeater
     Muzzle Device  A2
     Color  BLK
     Pistol Buffer Tube  Foam Cheek Pad
     Grip  A2
     Magazine  Detachable 10/20 or Magpul 10 RD
     Calibers  5.56 NATO


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