AR9 Lower Parts Kit


AR9 Lower Parts Kit


    AR9 Lower Parts Kit


    WPA Lower Parts Kit for 9mm or .45 receivers


    Included in this kit is the following:

    -Selector Spring

    -Takedown Pin Detent Spring

    -Pivot Pin Detent Spring

    -Buffer Retainer Spring

    -Stainless Steel Bolt Catch Spring

    -Disconnector Spring

    -Trigger Spring

    -Hammer Spring

    -Trigger Pin

    -Hammer Pin

    -Bolt Catch Roll Pin

    -Bolt Catch Detent

    -Selector Detent

    -Takedown Pin Detent

    -Pivot Pin Detent

    -Pistol Grip

    -Pistol Grip Screw

    -Pistol Grip Lock Washer

    -Pivot Pin

    -Takedown Pin

    -Buffer Retainer

    -Bolt Catch




    -Safety Selector


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