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    This versatile VISM Upper Receiver Block for AR-15 can be used a variety of ways on the workbench to perform essential gunsmithing on your rifle. These Gunsmithing Tools by VISM allow you to clamp your upper to a vise to perform any type of maintenance. For guaranteed durability, the VISM Upper Receiver Maintenance Block for AR-15 is constructed from anodized aluminum that is resistant to corrosion and wear. Also, a hole runs through the length of the block to serve as a bore brush guide. Whether you’re cleaning your firearm or performing routine maintenance, the VISM Modular Upper Receiver Block for AR-15 will you help get the job done right.

    Specifications for Vism Upper Receiver Block For Ar-15:


    Finish: Anodized
    Gun Model: AR-15, M4
    Color: Blue


    Features of Vism Upper Receiver Block For Ar-15:


    • The modular upper receiver block can be used in several ways for many different maintenance tasks
    • You may use just the lower half of the block by attaching it quickly to the upper receiver with the two provided receiver pins
    • This allows you to clamp the AR upper receiver to a vise for maintenance work
    • Bolting the two halves of the upper receiver block fully supports the upper receiver to prevent damage from torque twisting forces when installing or removing barrels from the receiver
    • The upper half of the block inserts into the receiver just like a bolt carrier group
    • The bottom half of the block can be bolted together with the upper half with the provided steel bolts
    • This fully supports the inside and the bottom of the receiver and it also leaves the receiver optics rail open for mounting accessories and optics
    • Unlike other upper receiver blocks that bolt/clamp to the exterior of the AR receiver
    • The upper receiver block also has a hole through the length of the block to act as a bore brush guide for cleaning out the bore of the barrel
    • Constructed with blue anodized Aluminum.


    Package Contents:

    • Vism Upper Receiver Block For Ar-15


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