AR Lower Jig

AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig Kit


    AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig Kit

    Our AR 15 Jig will make finishing your 80% lower a breeze. This AR-15 jig kit comes with everything you will need to get the job done, from plates and wrenches to a drill stop and screws. Get your American Made AR-15 lower receiver jig kit and upgrade your AR-15 today!

    Can you finish an 80 Lower Without a Jig?

    You don’t need a jig jig to finish an 80% lower necessarily. However, a proper AR 15 lower jig receiver template will make the process effortless and keep you worry-free. That’s why we have an 80 percent lower AR-15 jig kit with everything you need, making it easy and convenient to get after it.

    Product proudly manufactured using CNC machines made in the USA.  Let’s keep America working!

    • 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver Jig
    • Side Plates –  American made aluminum with hardened drill bushings
    • Top Insert Plates – American steel
    • Constructed with American Made Machines
    • Reusable and can finish dozens of AMT 80% AR-15 Lower Receivers
    • Accuracy to within one thousandth of an inch (+/- 0.001)
    • Comes with instructions on how to finish your AMT AR-15 80 Lower Receivers
    • Jig Does NOT work with router


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