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80% AR-15 Receiver – Anodized


    Anodized 80% Finished AR-15 Receivers

    Customize your next firearm using the 80% finished AR-15 receivers. Our tools will help you construct rifles and handguns that look, feel, and operate like any genuine firearm on the market. Be a part of the DIY weapon revolution without the cost or hassle. Find your perfect firearm among our unrivaled competitive brand selection. With some of the best brands on the market, we make sure you don’t have to compromise anything when you build your own gun.

    Our 80% finished anodized receiver is a great choice for any DIY gunsmith looking to build a strong, sturdy firearm. It’s a solid way to get started building an AR-15. The anodizing on our anodized 80% lower increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer of the receiver, giving it durability unlike any other in the industry.

    80% Finished AR-15 Receiver – Anodized Features

    • Mil-Spec
    • Forged 7075t6 Aluminum
    • Hard Coat Anodized Metal


    Professional Quality

    Customizing your firearm is remarkably satisfying when you use this receiver. Boasting all the top specs, these supplies will make you eager to get to work. We’ve got everything you need for your DIY gun build, from anodized 80% lowers to gun receiver mill kits. Enjoy a better shopping experience and get the best parts for your gun build here.

    We check every product before it ships to ensure quality, to guarantee you’re getting what you expect, every time. Our goal is to make sure you can get everything you need to complete your firearm, including getting any questions answered, in one place. You’ll also be able to take advantage of fast shipping on your receiver when you shop with us! Order your 80% finished AR-15 receiver today and start building something great.


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